1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

A great candidate for restoration. Manufactured in San Jose, California, on 6 December 1966 and sold in Los Angeles. Based on the documentation is our possession, we know that is was used, until 1977, in Berkeley, California. It was last on the road in 1991, as confirmed by the tax sticker on the rear license plate. Parked ever since.

The body does not show any signs of previous bodywork or corrosion. The only place that needs attention is the passenger floor panels that has rusted through due to a heater core leak inside the car. Slight dents along the upper windshield edge.


The engine fires up without any problems, does not smoke and runs smoothly and quietly. The transmission is shifting gears, but could not be tested on the road due to weak brakes. The car is complete - the original Thermactor smog system is still in the car - a proof that it has been produced for the California market and has spent its entire life in the sunny state. Cars with that system still intact are extremely difficult to find - it's a great advantage for true collectors.

Originally the car was lime green - the old color may still be seen in the trunk and under the hood.