All those dreaming about a classic car already picture themselves behind the wheel of a gorgeous, shiny, immaculate jewel. However, an important choice needs to be made first - whether to buy a finished vehicle that has already been rebuilt, or go through the process yourself. This is the question we are facing most often in our work.
The problem is that it cannot be answered with full certainty. It all depends on the expectations of a specific customer. Some of them, feeling a sudden urge, willing to impress their friends or simply spoiling themselves, want to buy a car right away, as the summer is nearing the end and they want to feel the wind in their hair while driving a vintage convertible. We respect their choice, understand it and help them find the right vehicle. But let?s be honest ? such a purchase requires spending a ton of money that by no means guarantees that the car has been restored to the required standard. We do not claim that we are the only ones capable of restoring cars the right way. We only wish to warn you that you have to exercise great caution and try to rein in the emotions that accompany such a purchase. During our trips through California we have seen numerous Mustangs with a big ?Freshly Rebuilt? sign. Retailing at well over $30,000, they offered a couple feet of masking tape still attached to window frames, door handles and headlights ? free of charge. We have also seen cars in a similar price range, with body filler applied not by a skilled car painter, but by a construction worker. We have also seen cars in which corroded body panels were repaired by ?. their removal. The owner had no money or no zeal left to install the replacements.

The great majority of customers decide to buy a car that serves as a solid restoration base. This is also what we are looking for when buying vehicles in California ? a state whose mild climate greatly contributes to preserving classics in a very good condition. The American market also offers vehicles that should be avoided due to their shady past, but that is why we make all our purchases either personally or through our trusted partners, just to make sure that all unpleasant surprises are avoided.

A good condition of the car?s body serves as a foundation on which it entire future rests. Any shortcuts taken at the body repair stage surface very quickly ? unfortunately, the car is already painted at that time, and to correct the mistakes, all the work would have to be done again. These are the details that determine whether the car will be a source of its owner?s joy for long years to come, or whether it will be a shiny attempt to cover problems with body filler. The approach taken to the restoration process is just as important. A body man who does not understand what a soul of a classic car is should not event attempt to lay his hands on our car. Modern day mechanics are used to merely replacing damaged elements with their new counterparts ? they are not ready to spend countless hours perfecting body gaps or smoothing joints with tin.

Below are photographs showing some of the projects we have completed. It would take many pages of texts to describe everything in detail, but we think that each picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at how we work. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.