Are you looking for a truly unique and rare Mustang model?

Or perhaps you are after a car of a completely different brand? Or you want your dream vehicle to be red, and all the ones that are for sale are anything but you favorite color?
One thing is for sure – the car you have in your mind is waiting for you somewhere out there in the USA. We will do everything you can to help you locate it.

Finding the right car, however, is just a beginning of a long journey. Its technical condition needs to be verified, the paperwork has to be checked, the money must be wired, the vehicle must be shipped to Europe, cleared through customs and, finally, registered in the country of destination. All those stages are full of surprises and unknowns... We have over 15 years of experience in dealing with those things under our belt and have imported over 100 vehicles from the US. To put it plainly – we know how to do it.

We respect your dreams, time and money. That’s why we propose a very simple procedure that needs to be followed.

  • let us know what you are looking for
  • set the budget you are ready to spend to make your dream come true
  • we will provide you with offers from the American market, mainly from California
  • you will be also offered to buy cars that are not available to the general public and come from our trusted, secret sources
  • if you decide that a given vehicle meets your general requirements, we will contact the owner and try to get as much information and as many detailed pictures as possible – free of charge
  • if it turns out that the vehicle is worth taking a closer look at it in person, we will dispatch an experienced vintage car expert who will check the documentation, will take a lot of pictures and videos, and – most importantly – will lay his trained eye on every components of the car, assessing its condition based on his extensive experience in the trade. The cost of such a service depends on the location the vehicle is at and on the time that needs to be spent to complete the inspection
  • if you decide not to make the purchase – the search will be continued
  • if you go for it, we may even pay the money on the spot and load the car onto a trailer we will have waiting with us (it all depends on the arrangements we made in advance)
  • leave the rest to us. All you have to do is decide whether you want to collect the car from our shop, or have it delivered to your door step, anywhere in the EU. You will get it with a complete set of documents required for vehicle imported into the EU. We may also register and insure it in Poland, if that’s the solution you opt for.

Many of the vehicles you can see on this website have been imported to Europe with this procedure applied. Many of the customers who took advantage of this particular service decided to entrust us with searching for more cars later on, which is the best proof of their trust and confidence.

Why not give it a try yourself?