Was it love at first sight? Did it come unexpected, in the street, when your eyes were absentmindedly following the object of your desire until it disappered round the corner? Or maybe you fell in love watching a movie? Or perhaps the feeling was developing for a long time, feeding on childhood dreams? None of it matters,as there is only one thing that counts. You love Mustangs, just like we do. Classic Mustang was founded on our motoring dreams. Now, we help others fulfill theirs.

It takes much more than just money to buy a classic car. Most customers looking for a vintage vehicle are seeking to fulfill their life-long dreams. We are driven by their passion.

The cars we sell are not considered just a commodity. Your dreams deserve special treatment. Therefore, we do not take the liberty of buying Mustangs over the Internet, based on a few low quality photographs. Every once in a while we travel to California ourselves, and indulge in classic car shopping. Rust-free, California-built vehilces are what we look for. First-look appearance is not what counts the most. We are looking for cars that offer a perfect base for restoration.

There is one virtue that is difficult to come by in the today's world: trust and honesty. You may call us old-fashioned, but we don't mind. We will do our best to discourage you from buying our car, by pinpointing all its flaws we are aware of. If you decide to buy it after all, there is a good chance that you will become a returning customer, just like many of those whom we now proudly call our friends.

All vehicles we offer for sale are advertised only upon their arrival in Poland. We are not selling pictures, we are selling cars. If you see it on this website, it means that the car is available for a test drive and pickup today. All vehicles, upon arrival from California, are customs-cleared in Poland. All of them are registered as classics (yellow number plates) and insured. The new onwer receives the registration document, an invoice, and the keys, of course.


Come in and let the emotions take over.


Classic Mustang Poland



Only two cars are still available for sale and are waiting for you to take them for a test drive. Can you resist the temptation?



Our new Mustangs have arrived in Poland. Have you ever wondered how they travel across the pond? Here's the answer.



7 vintage Mustangs are leaving the sunny state of California and begin their long journey to Poland. Nearly 50 years without snow and frost are about to come to an end....