1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

All vehicles we advertise are available for a test drive in the city of Siedlce, Poland, 100 kilometers east of Warsaw. The cars are customs-cleared for the entire territory of the European Union and are not subject to any additional import fees or technical inspections. They are sold as regular, second-hand vehicles.


This particular ’66 coupe  was purchased in the city of San Francisco, California. It looks very attractive with the off-white pearl paint and blue racing stripes. The stripes are not decals – they are painted and covered with a layer of clear coat.


Body and exterior
The body and paint are in a very good condition. There is absolutely no rust in the car. The underbody is clean, there is one spot in the floor panel (approximately 10 x 10 cm) which shows signs of a makeshift repair with fiber glass. Other than that it’s a pure California survivor.
The paint shows some cosmetic defects in close-up view, but the car is very presentable and can be used as a daily driver without any worries concerning its appearance.
The bumpers are straight but the chrome is worn in certain locations.
One rear light lens is cracked


The interior is in a very good condition too. There is only one small (3-4cm) rip in the rear seat (see pictures) – can be easily repaired, no fabric is missing. The carpet is not faded, the headliner is perfect and the dash pad has not cracks or deformations.
The wooden steering wheel is missing the horn button with the Mustang logo.


Engine and transmission
289 V8, C-code, 200 HP, C4 automatic transmission. The car starts fine, even in extremely low temperatures (-20 C). It has an electronic ignition module, a 4-barrel intake manifold and a 4-barrel Edelbrock carburetor.
The engine sounds great, and the dual exhaust is aggressive, but not extremely loud. The engine is very agile and extremely lively at higher RPM.


The suspension is in a very good working order – there are no strange noises, only the power steering system, which works fine, makes some noises with the steering wheel at its lock position.
Drum brakes all around, 17-inch wheel rims from a newer Mustang.  


After we purchased the car, we drove it approximately 70 km from San Francisco to the other side of the Bay – without any problems whatsoever, please see the pictures at our website.



Price: EUR 11,000.